May 28, 2002

File Bookmark

File this under "features i didn't know about, but everyone else probably did"...

If you click on the bookmark icon in the address bar, it opens up the File Bookmark dialog. I never thought to click it before, since when you mouseover it, the mouse changes to a drag-and-drop hand icon.

Or you can always use Ctrl-Shift-D

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May 27, 2002


The Register has some speculation and gossip about Apple possibly using Chimera as a base for "iBrowser" for OSX.

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Memory footprint in the latest nightly builds

Pinder pointed out some interesting data on the memory footprint in the latest nightly builds. When quicklaunch is running, the memory usage is dramatically lower.

For Mozilla running two open windows, Task Manager tells me:

Image Name
Mem Usage
VM Size

Of course, these numbers grow considerable as you use mozilla.

Now, when all the windows are closed and just quicklaunch is running, these are the numbers that I'm seeing:

Image Name
Mem Usage
VM Size

This is a huge memory savings in Mozilla, especially considering how bad mozilla used to be in eating up my free memory. This makes my JVM much happier when I'm running IntelliJ

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May 22, 2002

Mozilla Themes

Wanna try a new theme?

Yeah, me neither.

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What's a version number mean anyway

Well, it looks like Netscape has finally beat IE! While IE remains at version 6, Netscape has trumped them with version 7.0 of their browser!

Ok, well maybe Netscape hasn't won, but they've finally refreshed their code, now based on Mozilla RC2.

Check out the release here

I have not installed it yet but it will be interesting to see what changes Netscapes marketing department has made to the base Mozilla code.

update: It seems Netscape's marketing department has removed the biggest reason to use Mozilla. Check out Edit | Preferences | Advanced | Scripts and Windows. The preference "Open unrequested windows" (i.e. no annoying pop-overs or unders) is missing.

Back to the Mozilla nightly builds.

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May 21, 2002

Files in your Mozilla Profile Directory

If you're wondering what all those files with the confusing names in your Profile directory are for, this page lists and explains them.

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Unofficial Mozilla 1.0 FAQ

Found in our referral logs is this Mozilla 1.0 FAQ, compiled from other FAQs, newsgroups, and IRC.

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May 20, 2002

Updates to Previous Posts

the blocking ad servers site mentioned in the ad blocking post now provides an updated list of ad servers in cookperm.txt format. it's listed as "http permission file".


apparently the sidebar icon only lasted a few days.


since the download manager first appeared, it's now the default on the nightly builds. i have to say, it's annoying. if you want to switch back to the dialog, add the line:

user_pref("browser.downloadmanager.behavior", 1);

to your prefs.js file in your profile directory. the last integer is the key,

0 = open the download manager
1 = open dialog
2 = do nothing.

the 1.0 branches still use the dialogs however.


mozblog has improved vastly since i last tried it out.


regarding Mozilla and Blogger Pro, it looks like Blogger Pro now supports Mozilla.


and in movable type, the non-wrapping textareas issue was fixed in movable type 2.01

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May 15, 2002

mozilla/browser download

Blogzilla reader Chris e-mailed and kindly agreed to host a zip of mozilla/browser. It's 11.1MB. You don't have to go through the cumbersome compile steps. Just unzip it and it should work.

To run mozilla/browser, you have to use the command line arguments:

mozilla.exe -chrome chrome://browser/content/

otherwise it will just run regular Mozilla. Also, be sure to close all Mozilla apps. m/b doesn't work if Mozilla is running.

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May 13, 2002

More mozilla/browser screenshots

Mr. Burns needs the world's most devious assassin: Fernando Vidal

Mr. Burns: Let's see... Mesmerists, Dowsers, Luddites, Alienists, Zoroastrians, Alphabetizers... A-ha! Assassins...
Vidal: Hola?
Burns: Fernando, it's M.B.
Vidal: Ah, Marion Barry. Is it time for another shipment already?

hehe, that's the line from Simpsons Jeff and I always quote when we talk about m/b


Here are a lot more mozilla/browser screenshots:

Jeff compiled mozilla/browser, zipped it, and sent it to me. So if you have any "props" that are "mad", or even slightly ill-tempered, give them to him.

Some other m/b notes:

  • Overall, it's pretty snappy. Blake Ross says it's about 21% faster at startup and new window.
  • I haven't been using it as my primary browser because you can't run m/b and Mozilla at the same time. I need Mozilla for Mail.
  • Other than the look, m/b still feels like Mozilla (i.e. bugs)
  • Checking the file timestamps from the CVS update, it doesn't look like the m/b team has made any changes to it since the beginning of April.

If there are any other screens in m/b you'd like to see a screenshot of, let us know.

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Now, make RC3 not suck

Hot on the heels of the release of Mozilla RC2, comes the bugzilla bug make RC3 not suck.

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May 11, 2002

Mozilla Release Candidate 2 Released

RC2 is out.

I had some problems with it at first: back and forward buttons weren't working, neither was mail, couldn't even download a file, address bar wouldn't refresh, etc... I tried uninstalling/re-installing, and even created a new profile, same problems. My initial thoughts, "Wow, RC2 sucks!"

I checked Bugzilla and mozillaZine looking for other people having similar problems, but nothing.

So I figured it was probably me. The last resort is always deleting your profile and starting new. That's always such a pain in the ass; having to reset all your preferences, mail, cookies, passwords, etc... is not fun. So instead I uninstalled and deleted the Mozilla directory (C:\Program Files\mozilla\bin) and the moz* files in C:\Winnt and installed RC2 into a different directory (C:\Program Files\\Mozilla). Hooray, works now!

I don't know the cause of the initial problems. But I'm guessing it's probably because I download and install a new build everyday.

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May 10, 2002

What's new in RC2

So Mozilla RC2 is just around the corner. Curious what's going to be in the new build? If so, check out the "depends on" section of this bugzilla entry, make RC2 not suck.

Updated: See a dependancy tree of all bugs attached to 'make RC2 not suck' with this link.

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May 07, 2002

Power user mail tip

Ok, here's something handy to try

Get a copy of WinKey, or any program that allows you to map programs to key combo's

For any key combo, make the target program "mozilla -compose", then when you press "Control-Alt-C" for example and voila! A new message compose window appears.

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May 06, 2002

Mozilla Plugin Support

How do I get Shockwave to work in Mozilla? What about Java or Windows Media Player?

Even though Mozilla and Netscape use the same plugin system, most plugin installers fail to recognize Mozilla because they usually scan your system for explorer.exe or netscape.exe. Software vendors don't really support plugins for Mozilla yet because it's still being "tested and developed". Plugins are usually released with supported "commercial products" like Netscape Navigator. So hopefully there will be more plugin support when 1.0 is offically released.

In the meantime, if you're wondering how to install plugins for Mozilla, the mozdev project, PluginDoc should be of help to you. There's detailed help for both Windows and Mac users.

Also, this Flash and Java installer for Mozilla is pretty cool:

This page enables the automatic installation of the Java and Flash plugins. It uses the XPInstall technology from Mozilla to deliver those plugins with a single download and install them automatically.
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May 01, 2002

Security Hole Found

Software company GreyMagic has found a minor security hole in Mozilla 0.9.2+ and Netscape 6.1+ that allows reading of local files. A fix has already been checked in, and the demo does not work in today's build.

An article at The Register has some more information as well.

[link via MozillaZine]

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Interview with Mitchell Baker

Cnet has an interview with Mitchell Baker, leader of the Mozilla project, about 1.0, competing with Microsoft, marketing plans, and more. An interesting quote:

But we don't aim our releases for mass-market consumers. We're not producing that product. We're producing the technology that others can build to use those products.

There's been a lot of press leading up to the 1.0 release. There will probably be a lot more when it's actually released.

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