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the blocking ad servers site mentioned in the ad blocking post now provides an updated list of ad servers in cookperm.txt format. it's listed as "http permission file".


apparently the sidebar icon only lasted a few days.


since the download manager first appeared, it's now the default on the nightly builds. i have to say, it's annoying. if you want to switch back to the dialog, add the line:

user_pref("browser.downloadmanager.behavior", 1);

to your prefs.js file in your profile directory. the last integer is the key,

0 = open the download manager
1 = open dialog
2 = do nothing.

the 1.0 branches still use the dialogs however.


mozblog has improved vastly since i last tried it out.


regarding Mozilla and Blogger Pro, it looks like Blogger Pro now supports Mozilla.


and in movable type, the non-wrapping textareas issue was fixed in movable type 2.01

» posted by pinder on May 20, 2002 at 08:41 PM


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