The Register has some speculation and gossip about Apple possibly using Chimera as a base for "iBrowser" for OSX.

» posted by pinder on May 27, 2002 at 11:45 AM


Hmm, seems it's nothing but a rumor. See this:

# posted by Liorean

Hm, and what do we know about "Apple’s own HTML rendering engine?" Is it as standards-compliant as Mozilla?

Are we gonna have to worry about ANOTHER non-compliant browser?

# posted by scottandrew

Why don't you try it and see? Get yourself a preview copy of OS X 10.3 and make yourself a help file which uses CSS and DOM and stuff, and load it in the Help Viewer.

-- mpt

# posted by mpt

The Help app isn't totally standards compliant. It can handle HTML, some graphics, but thats about it. It was never meant to be a "real" web browser.

Apple isn't going to buy and brand Chimera (you can't really "buy" an open source project, can you?). But I for one would love to see them bundle it, and list it in the Internet system preference panel as an option for default web browser. Just the act of bundling it might get Netscape and Microsoft to get off their butts and give the Mac the quality of browser it deserves.

MMMM... cocoa flavored browsing.... yummm...

# posted by Richard McPike

Does anyone else find it odd that the Register author provides no links at all to this latest Hot Net Rumor? Methinks this is his brainchild alone. Although it's not impossible to see a new browser for OSX come along in the near future, Moz-based or not.

# posted by scottandrew

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