For you bloggers that use Mozilla, Mike Lee's Mozblog is a project to keep an eye on. Basically, it allows you to post to your blog via XML-RPC through a sidebar in Mozilla. The manual shows screenshots of how it works.

Linking is a little wonky. It doesn't allow HTML tags, so you have to drag and drop links. Another minor issue is once you've dragged a link over, the focus doesn't change to the bottombar. The manual and this bug indicates linking is being worked on though. I tested Mozblog in both Blogger and Movable Type, and linking seems to work a lot better in Blogger. See the previous post as an example of how links show up in Movable Type. If you view the source, you'll see that it converts < to &lt;. This might be an MT-related bug though since links shows up fine in Blogger.

Also, the Mozblog manual only lists settings for Blogger, so these are the settings I used to connect to Movable Type:

Username: <your MT username>
Password: <your MT password>
Blog ID: <your MT Blog ID> - this will probably be "1" or "2", check the value of "blog_id" in the querystring
Server URL: <your link to mt-xmlrpc.cgi file>, i.e.
Appkey: 27927D1C57D2F831AE13A9A07099843A3CCA2DE0

Remember that usage of the XML-RPC API in MT requires your server have LWP::UserAgent and SOAP::Lite installed. Refer to the MT documentation for more info.

» posted by pinder on February 26, 2002 at 12:29 AM


The link problem happens no matter what XML-RPC client you use to connect to a MT app.. I think there is a mini source code fix in the MT support forums.

Blogger XML-RPC api does not support titles though, so MT will use the first 5 words from your entry to be a title. Nice tool though :)

What I think of this for MT, well if you can connet to the net, why use this tool? :) For blogger, if the site is too slow, then MozBlog is perfect.

I wish there are more extensive BloggerAPI clients out there that can do things like delayed posting, keeping your posts, yada yada..

# posted by wari

The character encoding bug will be fixed completely in MT 2.0; there is a partial fix in our support forums, in this thread, in the post dated "Jan. 16 2002,19:43".

# posted by Ben

Oh my goth! Can this browser get any better? I love the built-in blogging tool.

# posted by Peaches

Well, I have tried MozBlog, and it just sits there at the checking settings dialog, and I have left it for hours with no change. I just tried w.bloggar, but it crashed trying to load the settings, as well as not really doing what I want, which is a browser plug in for Mozilla that allows me to post easily. At this point, it is back to IE for me.

# posted by Geek

I can't seem to get the blogging tool to work either! I would LOVE to have this tool but it sits there and the Docs on the product look NOTHING like what I have in my Prefrences!

# posted by Jason

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