Mozilla Release Candidate 2 Released

RC2 is out.

I had some problems with it at first: back and forward buttons weren't working, neither was mail, couldn't even download a file, address bar wouldn't refresh, etc... I tried uninstalling/re-installing, and even created a new profile, same problems. My initial thoughts, "Wow, RC2 sucks!"

I checked Bugzilla and mozillaZine looking for other people having similar problems, but nothing.

So I figured it was probably me. The last resort is always deleting your profile and starting new. That's always such a pain in the ass; having to reset all your preferences, mail, cookies, passwords, etc... is not fun. So instead I uninstalled and deleted the Mozilla directory (C:\Program Files\mozilla\bin) and the moz* files in C:\Winnt and installed RC2 into a different directory (C:\Program Files\\Mozilla). Hooray, works now!

I don't know the cause of the initial problems. But I'm guessing it's probably because I download and install a new build everyday.

» posted by pinder on May 11, 2002 at 02:32 PM


I had the same problem, exactly the same problem!
What I did: I re- installed 0.99 and voila, it worked. I thought that the problem was due to my old win98 installation.. which OS do you use?

# posted by Tino

I was trying that install on my Windows XP home machine.

# posted by pinder

you could backup your old prefs.js file. I suspect the problems might be caused by some changes going on the trunk, probably deleting the* in your profile dir would have helped.

# posted by basic

for me everything worked fine.

# posted by CooLynX

I had the same problem -- I tried all the things above and they didn't work. No new windows would open.

I finally found this is in the filed bugs:

Basically, it has to do with having old themes in your "chrome" directory of your user preferences. I deleted these, and everything's back to normal.

# posted by Alan Eliasen

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