What's a version number mean anyway

Well, it looks like Netscape has finally beat IE! While IE remains at version 6, Netscape has trumped them with version 7.0 of their browser!

Ok, well maybe Netscape hasn't won, but they've finally refreshed their code, now based on Mozilla RC2.

Check out the release here

I have not installed it yet but it will be interesting to see what changes Netscapes marketing department has made to the base Mozilla code.

update: It seems Netscape's marketing department has removed the biggest reason to use Mozilla. Check out Edit | Preferences | Advanced | Scripts and Windows. The preference "Open unrequested windows" (i.e. no annoying pop-overs or unders) is missing.

Back to the Mozilla nightly builds.

» posted by jeffp on May 22, 2002 at 09:17 AM


You can still use the hidden pref in Netscape to squish pop-ups.

# posted by Alex Bishop

That's pretty AOListic of them.
I'll stop suggesting Mozilla as an alternative to Internet Exploder,
since there is now no reason to support it after such a craven cave-in
to advertisers.

# posted by sobac retok

sobac: That's Netscape, not Mozilla. Mozilla still has all the popup and under blocking intact.

# posted by jeffp

And I guess that Beonex Communicator will keep the (option of) blocking the pop-up's and pop-under's.

That is like Netscape 6/7 also a Mozilla-based browser suite (web-browser, mail, composer). Unlike Mozilla, Beonex is directed at "end-users". Unlike Netscape, Beonex is open-source.

# posted by paulbeasd

It still works...they just call it something else.

# posted by Shark Daddy

Netscape 7 is just a Preview Release, so don't expect everything to be finished with this browser. Chances are good that they'll add features later.

# posted by rw

Other then all those items on the personal toolbar and the missing popup feature, NS7PR1 looks pretty good.

# posted by rgw

You can remove any extra items on the person toolbar that you don't want there.


# posted by mike

I was able to disable the pop ups by turning off the 'Open a link in a new window' option under Advanced:Scripts & Plugins. Works fine - until I find a reason to turn it back on.

# posted by Glenn

Have you tried to remove Ask Jeeves, AltaVista, Microwarehouse and Real Player from the personal toolbar? They come right back after you launch Netscape again!

# posted by leica

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