download manager appears!

Download Manager has finally showed up in the nightly builds, (Tasks|Tools|Download Manager). Take a look at a screenshot.

As you'd expect from something that's just showed up in the nightlies, there's not really that much to it right now. There are no (visible) prefs as of yet. When you click on a file to download, it's listed in the Download Manager, but the Save As/progress meter dialog box is also still there.

» posted by pinder on March 18, 2002 at 01:48 PM


It looks interesting.

This is more of a suggestion. Personally, I think the download manager would be very useful if it appears in the sidebar. That way, it might be possible to manage the downloads without creating new windows. I think the feeling would be better when used together with tabbed windows.

# posted by Jabel D. Morales - VMan of Mana

Well considering that you can load anything chrome in the tabs it's a simple case of bookmarking the url to call it up.

# posted by Mike Lee


# posted by Mike

Any idea of how to try to get chrome in a sidebar? The fix for bug 58021 prevents sidebar.addPanel() from allowing chrome to be added to the sidebar (for security reasons). I'm sure they're working on making it a sidebar somewhere, but it would be nice to :)

# posted by erica

The download manager is a spiffy new feature that annoys the hell out of me. I can see how it'd be useful once in a while, but I wish that it would (1) close itself after the download is complete, and (2) not show all the previously-downloaded files by default (or at least sort then in reverse order so the most recent is visible without scrolling down. I hope prefs will be available soon to make it less intrusive.

# posted by Mark

I don't see why download manager is useful. It is just a list / log of the last and current downloads. It would be useful if I could do resume / reget of those downloads (most of them HTTP ones) when downloading large files like that last version of oracle (500MB) or db2 (200-300MB) for linux.

# posted by Jose Vazquez

How can we kill the download manager so that Get Right will take over?

# posted by robmend7

I agree with Mark. Download manager doesn't do anything very useful. A resume / reget feature would be most useful as I am using dialup.

# posted by Mike

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