June 28, 2002

Download Manager Issues

Also noticed that the nightlies now have an option in the Preferences to select process dialogs or download manager:


I think the download manager is a great idea, but there are still way too many issues with it to use it as the default:

Another one that I can't stand is if you download a file with spaces in it, for example "Weezer - El Scorcho.mp3", it will save it as the url encoded filename: "Weezer%20-%20El%20Scorcho.mp3". I couldn't find the bug in Bugzilla, but I'm sure it's in there somewhere.

Check out the "Depends on" section of Bug 75364: [META] Download Manager Features for more download manager related bugs.

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June 27, 2002

Open a new tab button

I've been using the Orbit theme for the past few weeks, so I completely missed the introduction of this Open a new tab button in the nightlies:



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June 20, 2002

What "Bugs" you?

Hooray! Bug 82534 is fixed in the Mozilla trunk!

So, what bug's still bug me? (Ha, with a dry, cool wit like that, I could be a comedy writer)

Well, first off, how about the bug where I cannot copy more than one mail message at a time into my Local Folders? (bug 147317)

Or, bug 70805, blocking Flash ads?

Now, that's just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are a few more.

However, I'm curious what everyone else thinks. What bug's you?

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June 12, 2002

Vote whoring

If there's one bug that drives me crazy, it's 82534.

This bug is for those times when you open a new window and cannot type into the URL bar, making the browser window useless.

And if you vote for this bug, I'll name an expressway after "Matlock".

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June 07, 2002

Okay, themes don't all suck

<Diamond Joe Quimby voice>
Ever since I claimed all themes suck, I have taken a lot of heat. So, I am flip-flopping!
</Diamond Joe Quimby voice>

Orbit is very nice. The buttons look like candy.

Update: The Orbit homepage has a newer version available.

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June 06, 2002

Mozilla 1.0 Press

Some Mozilla 1.0 Articles:

CNET.com: Mozilla finally turns 1.0
Infoworld: Open-source group unleashes Mozilla 1.0
The Register: Mozilla 1.0 released after four long years

You can keep track of more articles using google news. Of course they all say pretty much the same thing.

What, no articles from NYTimes or other mainstream news organizations? You mean it's not the biggest tech story of the year?

Some Mozilla 1.0 threads:

- mozillaZine
- slashdot
- metafilter

I rarely read long threads, but I made the exception for Mozilla.

Or you can read what webloggers are saying about 1.0 at Daypop

For more 1.0 related links and information, check out today's Special Mozilla 1.0 Release Edition of scottandrew.com

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June 05, 2002

Mozilla 1.0 Released

After many years of development, Mozilla 1.0 has been officially released. It looks like the main servers are being hammered, so try the mirrors.

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New Mail Notify Icon

There's always good stuff going on in the nightly builds: improved code, bug fixes, etc... But we also like reporting on the small UI things we notice. Mostly because they are easier to spot than noticing that some XPCOM routine is 12% more efficient.

The nightly builds have a new mail notify icon in the system tray for win32 users:


It's not too bad. It kinda blends into the background though; maybe a little too grey. It's at least an improvement from the old one, which I always thought looked like a tugboat.

Also, mpt points out how horrible the Go button in the toolbar looks lately:


I never noticed this because I usually have it disabled in the prefs.

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