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Blogzilla reader Chris e-mailed and kindly agreed to host a zip of mozilla/browser. It's 11.1MB. You don't have to go through the cumbersome compile steps. Just unzip it and it should work.

To run mozilla/browser, you have to use the command line arguments:

mozilla.exe -chrome chrome://browser/content/

otherwise it will just run regular Mozilla. Also, be sure to close all Mozilla apps. m/b doesn't work if Mozilla is running.

» posted by pinder on May 15, 2002 at 11:54 PM


So, there's no compatibility problems with the Mozilla profiles / preferences running both ? Hope not. Using it right now. Rough around the edges but I kinda like the stripped down side of it all. Tabs, glorious tabs are still there (can you tell I like these tabs?)

Does seem a bit faster too ...

# posted by rob

I've tried it, and it's pretty good so far. I look
forward to seeing the versions for Macintosh
and Linux, if that is ever likely to happen.

# posted by DJGM

can someone tell me whats so much better about this m/b thing?? ok, it loads faster, but it has less features than mozilla. It looks ugly, It reminds me to 4.7....and I dont like that :)

# posted by thomas

loads faster?

# posted by lancer

C:\usr\local\mozilla\mozilla-browser>mozilla -chrome chrome://browser/content/
Program too big to fit in memory


# posted by ^PMS

Why is this 11MB? They don't do anything with the non-browser components, so they should strip them out.

# posted by prowsej

It is 11MB because it's a full compile of Mozilla. If you run mozilla.exe on it's own, Mozilla will run normally. At this time, the only way to get m/b is to compile it. I assume when it's ready for release, it will be available in a stripped down version.

# posted by pinder

i think this browser is faster than opera. This browser is almost the same as opera but, what makes it cool is, its free...

# posted by Casper05

Love the tabs, but want to make them default... In other words do not want to have the Browser open multiple sessions of itself like IE does, ugh... MOre like Opera... when if you click on a Link for a new window, it actually just opens a Tab instead.... You can then just close ONE Program instead of 15 in your Task Bar.

Anyone know how to do this? Is it in the about:config ??

# posted by kruehl

you can add the line

user_pref("browser.block.target_new_window", true);

to your prefs.js file in your profile directory. for more info on how to do that, see editing config files

# posted by pinder

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