IE7 RSS icon to use Firefox RSS icon

» posted by pinder on Dec 14, 2005 | comments: 6

The Microsoft Team RSS Blog announced today that to encourage consistency between browsers, IE7 will be using the Firefox RSS icon to represent RSS and RSS-related features.


FirefoxView: 'View This Page in Firefox' Extension for IE

» posted by pinder on Dec 07, 2005 | comments: 5

IE View is a useful extension for web developers that launches IE and lets you view what the page looks like in IE.

FirefoxView is the opposite of IE View, it lets you complete the round trip and view what a page looks like in Firefox from IE.

Kind of a strange extension install; it's an extension you install in Firefox, which installs "View This Page in Firefox" item to the context menu in IE. Windows only, and doesn't work with Norton Antivirus 2004 with script blocking enabled.


View Source Choice

» posted by jonathan on Dec 03, 2005 | comments: 2

In response to an entry discussing view source in Firefox, Brian King created the View Source Choice extension with the exact feature we were looking for. The ability to:

[r]edirect View Source to current window (current default in Firefox), new tab, or new window.

Thanks Brian — I've installed the extension, and it works great! The planned ability to override the view source keyboard shortcut already has me anticipating version 0.2.

Update 2006-01-20: View Source Choice has been updated and now features an optional override.

Firefox Flicks

» posted by pinder on Dec 02, 2005 | comments: 2

As part of the community marketing for Firefox 1.5, Mozilla Firefox Flicks has launched with two new campaigns, Testimonials and Ad Contest. If you're the type, record a testimonial of yourself talking Firefox and you can win gift certificates. Me, I don't even like having my picture taken. Although it would be pretty funny if a Pornzilla fan recorded a testimonial.

The ad contest is for those familiar with Final Cut Pro to create a 30s commercial for Firefox.

View Source Bug Fixed and a Tip

» posted by jonathan on Nov 30, 2005 | comments: 6

Mozilla has, without a doubt, raised the bar with Firefox 1.5. Amongst the countless enhancements and bug fixes, though, I found something to make particular mention of, that of view source and bug 262915.

Before, the view-source pseudo protocol (i.e. accessing view source from the location bar instead of by shortcut) would open a new browser window. For a single-window/tab user like myself, this bug was annoying — to say the least. But now with that particular bug fixed, page source can remain in a tab, alongside all other open tabs. And here's where the tip comes in...

Combine keyword searching (we recommend the keyword 'vs' for, wait for it, view source) with this bookmarklet and navigate to any page you'd like to view the source of. Replace the URL in the location bar with 'vs' (or applicable keyword) and hit enter to view source in a tab.

Finally, I'm looking for a way to keep the original site in a tab and open the source in an adjacent tab. Any way to accomplish this with one bookmarklet?

Update 2005-12-03: A Blogzilla visitor created the extension View Source Choice, which addresses the request above.

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