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I get the following message when viewing the Blogger Pro site in Mozilla:

Also: Before you read on and then get annoyed later, we notice you're using a browser other than IE. If you're not able to use Internet Explorer 5.x+ on Windows or Macintosh, Blogger Pro won't work for you yet. This is because we are building a new, more robust interface (which will support all newish mostly standards-compliant browsers), so we can't afford to invest in multiple versions of the interim interface. Sorry.

Unless you are on Unix or Linux, it should be free and easy for you to upgrade your browser (and you'll be glad you did).

IE an upgrade? Me thinks not. The regular Blogger seems to work fine in Moz, though it doesn't look as pretty.

» posted by pinder on February 23, 2002 at 06:00 PM


Is there mockup interface anywhere to fuss around with? I'd like to see what exactly breaks in Mozilla (if anything).

# posted by Another matthew

From the Blogger Pro FAQ:

Will Pro be available for Mozilla/Opera/Netscape/other non-IE5 browsers?
Yes! We have a new interface in the works, which will not be limited to Win/Mac IE5+. The reason the current one is limited, is because we built the new features on top of the old interface and making them work in a different browsers would have taken more work than we had the resources to do at the moment (i.e., Pro still wouldn't be out, and we were behind schedule enough already). So, if you are unable to use IE, take heart in the fact that IE users who are upgrading now are funding further development. (By the way, the new interface will require a newish, semi-standards-compliant browser. Mozilla/Opera/Netscape 6 qualify.) Estimated delivery of new interface is end of March.

# posted by Steven Garrity

Microsoft wanted me to upgrade my Mozilla 0.9.8+ to IE4+ or Netscape 4.08+ when I tried signing in to a ".not Pisspot" site the other day.

# posted by Dean

MacOS 9.2 and Mozilla 1.0 = no Blogger. Both publish buttons don't work. The top one times out and the middle one is gone completely.

# posted by lee

My regular old blog there just displays my source on Mozilla. Maddening it is.

# posted by Mary

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