What "Bugs" you?

Hooray! Bug 82534 is fixed in the Mozilla trunk!

So, what bug's still bug me? (Ha, with a dry, cool wit like that, I could be a comedy writer)

Well, first off, how about the bug where I cannot copy more than one mail message at a time into my Local Folders? (bug 147317)

Or, bug 70805, blocking Flash ads?

Now, that's just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are a few more.

However, I'm curious what everyone else thinks. What bug's you?

» posted by jeffp on June 20, 2002 at 11:55 AM


Bug 137033: Bookmarks button in personal toolbar remains highlighted after going to bookmark

The same thing happens for any folders you put in your personal toolbar.

# posted by pinder

So, what bug's still bug me? (Ha, with a dry, cool wit like that, I could be a comedy writer)
Of course, if you want to be a gramatically correct comedy writer, that should be "So, which bugs still bug me?" :-)

# posted by Alex Bishop


...and don't forget to visit "MOZILLATION"

http://latinmoz.f2g.net/mozillation/ !!

# posted by Lancer

Absolutely this one:

a tab that doesn't load the page loses the url in the address bar. So, after you've opened 10 windows, you go look at a tab and find nothing, and can't remember what it was or can't easily find the link to try again because you've already closed that window anyway.

# posted by stylo~

stylo, that's a REAL annoying one (it's 103720)

# posted by jeffp

This is an RFE, but I think It's a great idea:

Seriously Lancer, that's great, but please stop advertizing your site on ALL the forums incessantly! Thanks.

# posted by Shark Daddy

This would be the link.


# posted by Shark Daddy

I have to put a check next to every message to delete spam at hotmail. Clicking the master block on top only puts a check in the item below it.

I have no idea if this has a number or is even an official bug. It is to me.

# posted by Sheila Lennon

Sheila, this is normal: the Javascript code that is served to Mozilla is JScript that works in MSIE only.

I'm off to file a bug to "Remove Lancer from the Mozilla scene".

# posted by michel v

michel v:
Using that checkbox to select all messages in a Hotmail folder -used- to work, but stopped for some reason. It does work again in this 1.0 build, though (2002-06-25). So Shelia, it should be fine again in 1.0.1 :)

# posted by Chris Gushue

michel v:

There is one: 133477

# posted by Lancer

Bug at Website "www.readnotify.com"
Put cursor onto one of the 3 titles at the bottom
("about ReadNotify" / "business solutions" /
" member utilities").
With Mozilla, only an error appears: "javascript: void";
whereas with IE6, a pulldown menu appears automatically on each of those 3 titles!!
So thanks in advance for your feedback(s)!!

# posted by Philippe Borel

Godammit! EverytimeI send an email, mozilla shuts down! It will also shutdown if I try to access the 'mail & newsgroups setting' preferences panel. I'm going to have to download some dung like Ximian now! Grrrrrrrrrr

# posted by geoff

The thing about Mozilla that bugs me the MOST is that it refuses to f**k off and die. 2% of the world are still so sh*t stubborn that they have not chosen to use a real browser, so to cater for the whim of these ignorant few, I ( a web developer ) still have to write huge piles of complicated stuff to handle all the quirks and other problems present in this cobbled-together load of dung browser.

I have hated the NetScape product and team since 1997, when they issued me with a legal threat for finding bugs in their SSL, instead of the T-Shirt they promised. Oh yeah - and they didn't fix most of bugs for well over 2 years either, nor did they ask me for more info when I told them dozens of times that I had found more serious bugs.

If you're stupid enough to allow the security nightmare that's is their code to live on your system, I'd consider it a kind gesture when they keep deleting your emails and crashing their product in your face - it's a reliably constant warning for you to erase it and use something else :-)

# posted by Chris

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