Mozilla 1.0 Released

After many years of development, Mozilla 1.0 has been officially released. It looks like the main servers are being hammered, so try the mirrors.

» posted by pinder on June 05, 2002 at 10:38 AM


Woohooo! Time to open the bubbly and celebrate!
IE's days of dominance are now truly numbered!

# posted by DJGM

Hmmm. Seems like this is the only place where there aren't tons and tons of comments/talkbacks on this news story. MozillaZine's talkback swelled to 150 overnight! And MozillaNews has 15: more action than that site has seen in months.


# posted by Minh Nguyen

1.0 released and they didn't change that splash screen? Meh. At least Windows users can download a new mozilla.bmp to celebrate... :)

# posted by codeman38

we're a much smaller site than mozillazine. plus, we just assume all our readers already read mozillazine anyway.

other mozilla 1.0 threads:

- mozillaZine
- slashdot
- metafilter

i agree about that splash screen. there are some nice alternative screens available here

# posted by pinder

pinder: Yeah, the first entry on that page is the one I'm using at the moment. *Much* better than the current one.

# posted by codeman38

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