Mozilla 1.0 Press

Some Mozilla 1.0 Articles: Mozilla finally turns 1.0
Infoworld: Open-source group unleashes Mozilla 1.0
The Register: Mozilla 1.0 released after four long years

You can keep track of more articles using google news. Of course they all say pretty much the same thing.

What, no articles from NYTimes or other mainstream news organizations? You mean it's not the biggest tech story of the year?

Some Mozilla 1.0 threads:

- mozillaZine
- slashdot
- metafilter

I rarely read long threads, but I made the exception for Mozilla.

Or you can read what webloggers are saying about 1.0 at Daypop

For more 1.0 related links and information, check out today's Special Mozilla 1.0 Release Edition of

» posted by pinder on June 06, 2002 at 10:51 AM


The Good: Mozilla getting lots of publicity.

The Bad: Most of the information being propagated is at least partially inaccurate.

The Ugly: being almost constantly down.

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