Okay, themes don't all suck

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Ever since I claimed all themes suck, I have taken a lot of heat. So, I am flip-flopping!
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Orbit is very nice. The buttons look like candy.

Update: The Orbit homepage has a newer version available.

» posted by pinder on June 07, 2002 at 05:45 PM


I would like to skin Adobe Acrobat

# posted by Lancer

Orbit is really nice - my theme of choice since the release of Moz 1.0.0. Modern was getting boring ;)

# posted by rw

Sinner that I am, I use the IE theme ;)

# posted by James

I also like Orbit very much. I could use a "Decrypt" button for mailnews as it is used in enigmail though :).

# posted by Christian

Orbit is fantastic. Lopburi Flat is nice and minimalistic. IE is just funny.

# posted by phule

NavZilla, http://www.zukes.com/mozilla/navzilla/, is great for Mac OS X users. It gets a lot of Chimera's look (Chimera being the Mac OS X native browser using Gecko that's under development), and is usable today. With Mozilla 1.1alpha or the hack 'Silk', text in Mac OS X Mozilla is as sharp as Chimera or OmniWeb, making a pretty good overall OS X experience.

The NavZilla theme has me at just-about-full-Mozilla-convert now.

# posted by jshell

Orbit * has has a decrypt button since [at least] the version(s) of 20020627

# posted by Chris Neale

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