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There's always good stuff going on in the nightly builds: improved code, bug fixes, etc... But we also like reporting on the small UI things we notice. Mostly because they are easier to spot than noticing that some XPCOM routine is 12% more efficient.

The nightly builds have a new mail notify icon in the system tray for win32 users:


It's not too bad. It kinda blends into the background though; maybe a little too grey. It's at least an improvement from the old one, which I always thought looked like a tugboat.

Also, mpt points out how horrible the Go button in the toolbar looks lately:


I never noticed this because I usually have it disabled in the prefs.

» posted by pinder on June 05, 2002 at 10:11 AM


the black line on the status bar is just as ugly.

# posted by rgw

I didn't notice these things, b/c I don't use Mozilla Mail for my Netscape WebMail account, and I use the Classic Theme on Mozilla, not the Modern theme. I still don't like how the Go and Search buttons look in Classic.

# posted by Minh Nguyen

The background of my Mozilla Mail (content only, folders and subject is ok) for Linux is unchangeable grey, please give me white, I get so depressed when reading my mail on a grey background. Otherwise an good good product, I converted to linux half a year ago and are still smiling. Happyland!!!

# posted by christian

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