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I've been using the Orbit theme for the past few weeks, so I completely missed the introduction of this Open a new tab button in the nightlies:



» posted by pinder on June 27, 2002 at 10:06 AM


Have they made the New Tab button in Classic look more Classic-like yet? Or does it still stick out like a sore thumb?

# posted by Minh Nguyen

Updated with a screenshot from Classic theme. Looks fine to me.

# posted by pinder

Well, I was thinking that they could take the New button in Composer, shrink it, and use that instead. It'll still look like a page w/ a star on it, but the star will be "Classic-ified".

# posted by Minh Nguyen

Orbit, is simply on of the best themes. It is nice and elegant. I also love classic, however, I wish for changing the buttons. For me, the Modern themes is too pessimistic. Modern Grey is a bit better.

# posted by Minh Truong

Does anyone know if there is an HTML command similar to _blank which will open a page in a new tab???

# posted by Anton Hughes

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