Suppress New Windows Revisited

If you're like me, then you hate it when people use target="_blank". If you've installed Firefox 1.0 and are wondering why the suppress new windows advanced pref no longer works, it's because it's been overridden by a new advanced pref.

To turn it on, go to about:config and set "browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs" to true. Or you can add user_pref("browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs", true); to your user.js file.

Then in Tools | Options | Advanced | Tab browsing, a new option appears. You can then force links that open in new windows to open in the current window or a new tab instead. It's an experimental option for now, so it might be a little buggy, but it works for the most part.

Update: The feature doesn't work on bookmarklets that open popup windows, like the bugmenot or Post to MT bookmarklets. It opens them in new tabs instead of as a new popup window.

Update to Update: There's a pref for diverting calls too.

» posted by pinder on November 12, 2004 at 01:21 PM


Regarding your 'update': There's more hidden options regarding which popup windows do what. Snagged this off of The Burning Edge:

"If you select "Force links that open new windows to open in: a new tab", Firefox diverts links with target="_blank". It also diverts JavaScript calls, but only calls that don't specify window features (e.g. size and which toolbars are displayed). Most calls to specify the size of the window. You can change this by setting the pref in about:config.

* 0: divert
* 1: don't divert
* 2: divert without features

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ooh, cool it works. thanks!

# posted by pinder

I wrote an extension that allows you easy toggleing of these new singlemode prefs so pages that *need* to open pop-ups to work can still be able to with the simple toolbar toggle.
See "Quick Tab Pref Toggle".


# posted by Jed

Bah, there is no need to install an extra extension for things that can be configured using about:config. You only need to fiddle with* and popups opens as a new window and you are still in one window mode.
This mode is still not perfect because there is some limitations but in 90% cases it works just fine.

My preferences could be found here . It's in latvian but images are self explanatory.

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Thank you thank you thank you!


I've been lusting after this feature ever since I encountered it in Avant Browser!


thank you thank you thank you!!!

# posted by Nik Harris

It's not Tools -> Options, nut Edit -> Preferences here... Thanks anyways ;)

# posted by alain

Anyone know of a way to view-source in a tab?

# posted by Jonathan Horak

Found a workaround that'll let me view source in a tab: Not an easy solution — what I was looking for — but it'll have to due.

# posted by Jonathan Horak

Besides the wonderful comment spam, I am eagerly awaiting the updating of the "single window" extension. I use it on my main system (that is still running .9 just because of that fact). I have found it handles new tabs and their options in a bit more of a logical way than what you can currently do with firefox (Like currently I get a new window on .9 about every 4 days, while the 1.0 with all the firefox options turned on but no extension gives me about 7 a day).

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