Firefox 1.0 and You

Now that Firefox 1.0 has been released, what enhancements, bug-fixes or general improvements to the browser have made surfing better for you? My most recent "how did I ever live without this?" feature:

The ability to configure where links from other applications are opened in Firefox. This option can be accessed via Preferences: Advanced: Tabbed Browsing. I've got Firefox set to open links in "a new tab in the most recent window."

» posted by jonathan on November 10, 2004 at 12:03 PM


For me it's the "hidden" Single Window mode that is available. I hate pop-ups and windows, but also hated TBE and TBP because they messed with too many internal Tabbrowsing functions that conflicted with other extension.

It also allowed me to easily write my "Quick Tab Pref Toggle" extension :D

This, for me is the best feature from this release, as it wasn't even available in 1.0PR.

For evangelizing FX with friends and Family, the Plugin Finder is great, no more complaints about flash/shockwave/java etc. not working in FX :)

# posted by Jed

Wow, that "hidden" single-window mode is pretty neat, as is the about:config option that enables it. (Just search for "single" and turn it on; then it'll be in Advanced preferences.) Why isn't that revealed by default?

Firefox is stealing my heart by using far less memory than either Safari or OmniWeb, and with 1.0, some of the annoying MacOS bugs are finally gone. We still don't have native widgets, but that's okay. They're coming.

# posted by Ian

I agree. Single-window mode and the handling of javascript is great, although a bit buggy in some pages. Glad to see it being worked on, though.

# posted by gflores

Obviously, the Session Saver extension is what is missing : "the only feature that is missing" for the people who I converted from IE...

# posted by Nco

Nco, Session Saver is still available:

# posted by Jonathan Horak

When Bookmarking, having to navigate each time to the same place rather than having the dialogue remember requires a subtle refinement to work smoothly.

# posted by Adam Bramwell should serve the Firefox 1.0 Linux torrents as "Content-Type: application/x-bittorrent" rather than as a "application/x-gzip (Gzip-Compressed File)". Serving it with correct content-type enables users to directly start their Torrent clients rather than Mozilla asking users which application to use for that file.


# posted by KDS

Single window mode was deliberately disabled for 1.0 because it had various bugs, among which crashers and incorrect behaviours.

My 'how could I have lived without' feature is definitely Clone Window (with clone tab option enabled) - I've been using it pretty much since I got Firefox and it makes my browsing a lot more pleasant.


# posted by Laurens Holst

Please please pretty please, move that close tab button to its proper place. Please. Really.

# posted by Michele

would have to be the sage rss reader. i'm confident working in css and the customisation of its template is rather easy. thus, i was able to create something which reflected my custom bookmarks page... overall, that's my fave feature (well yeah, it's an extension but anyway).

honestly though, i've been missing the .9 keyboard shortcuts. ctrl + j anyone? curse it....

# posted by scott

Lauren, do you want an close tab button next to every tab? If so, try this:

# posted by Jonathan Horak

Hi Folks:

I am in the process of trying to figure out how to use an internet radio station. Let me say that in the past I have been able to access this particular station when using Internet Explorer. The Internet Explorer I was using became corrupt and a real bother to use so rather than trying to re-load the entire windows Internet Exploroer I decided to try an alternate web browser namely Firefox 1.0.

When I first started with Firefox I believed that the change-over was seemless. I still really like Firefox but I have since discovered a glitch. That being I cannot get into the aforementioned radio station at this time. Instead, I get the following message "Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page"

What do I do? I have Windows ME and not XP - so far I have only been able to come up with XP related stuff.

Thank you for your assistance!!

# posted by Rich

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