Making Firefox widgets Apple-icious just got easier, thanks to Amake. His utility, Firefoxy, applies Kevin Gerich's Pretty Widgets using drag-and-drop.

Firefoxy 1.1 can be downloaded at MacUpdate. Below are the "couldn't-be-any-easier" instructions (to be followed after install):

Drag Firefox onto Firefoxy. To revert to the old widgets, drag Firefox onto Firefoxy again. Or, just open the app and it will prompt you to locate Firefox.

If you use OS X nightlies and find yourself re-applying Kevin's work often, this is the solution for you.

» posted by jonathan on November 14, 2004 at 08:40 AM


I have some problem in signing certificate .Can blogzilla
Support signining certificate.Mozilla has a bug(29152).

Plz help me.

# posted by Debasis Chakraborty

Debasis, a note in the bug you referred to says: "Let me insist on this: SIGNTEXT WORKS PERFECTLY NOW. This bug is resolved."

# posted by Jonathan Horak

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