Rumor Mongering

Time to start a little unsubstantiated rumor mongering here.

Dave Hyatt, Netscape engineer, creator of XUL, etc, has officially left Netscape to go work for Apple.

Since Dave was also the guy in charge of the Chimera project (an attempt to build a Mac OS specific UI around the Gecko rendering engine to make up for Mozilla's deficiencies on the Mac platform) and Apple is rumored to be building their own browser (based on Chimera), could it be that this is what he'll be working on?

Add this to the fact that the latest release of Mac OS X is starting to integrate more applications into the OS (see iChat), is this the beginning of iBrowser?

update: To add to the rumor, I don't suppose Dave will end up in New York this week at MacWorld as part of Steve Jobs' keynote address?

» posted by jeffp on July 15, 2002 at 11:38 AM


If this is all true, Microsoft won't be best pleased! What
would the future hold. Let's look in the crystal ball . . .

Microsoft Withdraw IE and Office for Mac Platform?

No, surely they wouldn't?!? Would they . . . ?!?

# posted by DJGM

Is it possible to put a song of 'The Doors' as background music in this page?

# posted by Lancer

I posted something about this last week on my blog (, and everyone laughed at me. That was before Hyatt left for Apple, though...

# posted by Dave Walker

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