Incremental search in a webpage

Another cool feature working it's way towards the main trunk of Mozilla is:
30088 - [RFE] Incremental find

A XPI installable test implementation can be downloaded from here

This feature will allow you to just type letters into Mozilla's browser window and highlights any matching word, moving the focus of the browser window to the closest match.

For example, if you have installed the XPI and restarted Mozilla, start typing "incremental" on this page and watch it work. It's pretty cool.

Apparently, this is a well-known feature in a program called "Emacs", some sort of Notepad clone.

» posted by jeffp on July 12, 2002 at 02:26 PM


Emacs ain't no Notepad clone. It's one of the two most famous UNIX and Linux text editors (the other one being VI). There are lots of extensions for it - for example, one turns it into a (bad) browser - , and I think there's a scripting language called "lisp" for it as well.

# posted by Chucker

Now that Mozilla has reached 1.0. I expect the number for features that IE currently doesn't have to grow by leaps and bounds.

# posted by James B.

hey be careful with calling emacs names or the nerds will scorch you to hell! ;-)

and since this is my first post i'd just like to say great site, nice design, too. thanks for maintaining it.


# posted by phil

Notepad clone? I know that might be some cynacism, and I too use Windo$e a lot, but jeez!! Should have been in truth a good time for an emacs plug if anything.

And missed the XPI install for that, good pull .. will add that into my site as well ... shame that the IE folks will miss out on this one too :) ... c'est la vie

# posted by Jason Key

Yah, all nerds turn from usual pale white to green when someone calls emacs notepad clone :)

Emacs is prime piece of bloatware, exactly sort of can-do-all-and-much-more type of thing that everybody hates about windows. But since it's emacs it's not the same, not at all, it's like sacred and all :-P

# posted by sven

I've heard of emacs before, and this article motivated me to go download the thing. Heh. 19 megs for a text editor is a little much for me.

Not worth my 56k-in' time, especially when I could get a couple of complete mozilla packages instead.

# posted by tad

He was kidding about Emacs being a Notepad clone, fer crissake! :)

Would it kill us to talk about the Mozilla feature instead. It doesn't work perfectly yet - on the front page where he says to type "incremental," that does work, but if you type "clone" you do not get to that word, you get stuck somewhere on the left hand sidebar.

# posted by eric

you gotsta put a ' or " before words that aren't in a link.

# posted by tad

Also of note: apparently the Incremental Find only works in Modern and Classic theme. I can't get it to work with any other theme.

# posted by pinder

I can't get it to work at all in the Mozilla 1.1b version. Should it work>

# posted by Bob


# posted by wrer

Thanks for the info about putting a ' or " before words that aren't a link eric - you're a champion - saved me some frustration for sure. :)

# posted by gavino

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