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The latest nightlies now have a fix for bug 28586 - Should use error page and not dialog for inaccessible pages. You can now set Mozilla to use an error page instead of that annoying dialog box for inaccessible sites. The fix is hidden since it's still experimental, and may crash Mozilla. To see it, you have to add the pref:

user_pref("browser.xul.error_pages.enabled", true)

The error page is pretty bare at the moment. I assume the UI team still has to shape it up.

I think this bug fix will now allow you to use the hosts file method of ad blocking without getting a dialog box prompt for each inaccessible (blocked) ad. I haven't tested it since I use Mozilla's Block images from this server feature. See the previous ad blocking post for more information about ad blocking with Mozilla.

» posted by pinder on July 16, 2002 at 09:45 AM


Does this mean an end to that flamin' annoying "The connection
was refused when trying to contact"?

If so, then jolly good riddance to it!

# posted by DJGM

Is Mozilla going to have his own Error Page'?

# posted by Lancer

nice add-on, but there's an easier way to use the hosts file method to block unwanted adds/pictures: i usually keep a small webserver running in the background that displays some minimal 404 message, that way you don't have to deal with the error message dialog box.
Tiny webservers with a footprint <300kB are available as freeware all over the web.

# posted by Andreas

I'm too lazy to set the pref...I'll wait until it's finalized and implemented, but I am mildly curious as to how it how's it look?

# posted by Shark DaD

At the moment it looks like crap because it only displays a basic message. However it's better than the dialog and better error pages will be implemented soon :)

# posted by LX

I use a hosts file to block ads and don't seem to have any problems. I don't get any prompts when ads are blocked, just says 404 in the ad space. ???

# posted by stylo~

I use a hosts file and don't get any prompts, just a 404 where the ad should be ???

# posted by stylo~

It works in Moz1.1.
No more ads, and no more annoying message.
Thanks for the info guys.

# posted by Natty

There should be an option to specify an image to display where images belong that can't be displayed for one reason or another.

# posted by Michael T. Babcock

Some site called has hijacked my Mozilla connection error page and I now see a framed 'Manbox' page which make's it appear as though non-existent domains are live and owned by 'manbox'. I'm pretty annoyed.

# posted by Jase


# posted by yatchow

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