Apple-icious Widgets for Mozilla Firefox

Kevin Gerich, who brought Pinstripe to Mozilla Firefox on Mac OSX, is busy with brilliance, again. He's forging form widgets for Mozilla Firefox which'll appear more "presentable" — i.e. Apple-icious.

Ben Goodger has already offered to pull the elements in: "Figure out how to do this as a patch to the existing Mozilla code for Mac-only and do all the widgets, and we'll slurp this up."

» posted by jonathan on September 18, 2004 at 09:07 PM


Firefox is great. Apple is gay. MacOS is the suck. Don't copy Apple, be original.

# posted by Art Vandelay

Is the suck?

# posted by Reverend Black

wow, don't bash an OS you haven't used before. OSX has a great design and is perfect for creating multimedia.

# posted by dont bash mac

"Apple is gay. MacOS is the suck."

Art, I always wonder how people can identify themselves so much with an OS that it gets a major part of their identity and that they have to bash it like some rival sports team. Get a real life.

# posted by Stefan Herzog

Perhaps he was talking about Windows and Microsoft.

Mac OS X is the best operating system ever while Windows is just a system - unsuitable to operate with.

# posted by Stefan Winopal

"Apple is gay."
They got rid of that rainbow logo ages ago.

# posted by Greg K Nicholson

And what's the problem with the "Gay"ness of it? I see it as a complement, and if it is "gay" so be it. You don't have to hav sex with it.

# posted by angst

Art, I do have to assume that you are a homophobe redneck. Only that will justify making a grammatically and factually sophomoric statement. And how do you propose "being original" since Windows has always copied Apple from day one?

# posted by Anjan

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