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While navigating to a class website, I found a subtle jab at Internet Explorer followed by Firefox advocacy:

Some Windows-Internet Explorer users continue to report sporadic problems when logging in to courses.utexas.edu. One symptom is that clicking the "Login" button on the next page does not do anything.

Reports indicate that using a different browser such as Firefox seems to help, as does reloading [the] /webapps/login page. Please contact the ITS Help Desk for more assistance.

Know of other university technology administrators guiding their respective communities (online) to Mozilla applications? Speak up.

» posted by jonathan on December 08, 2004 at 10:46 PM


It's blocked from outside connections, so I'll post a screenshot, but https://netreg.luc.edu/step5a.html (part of a *required* registration process for anyone using Loyola's LAN) exhorts students and faculty members to use Firefox.

# posted by Michael Greene

The University of Pennsylvania supports Mozilla, and Mozilla (and or Firefox) is widely available on public computers. (The staff will install it on request, if it isn't installed already.) I use CSS features that
do not work on IE for my class notes (http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~baron/p153.htm) and elsewhere. Most of my students use Mozilla or Firefox.

# posted by Jon Baron

Indiana University offers both Firefox and Thunderbird for download (http://iuware.iu.edu) and at the Kelley School of Business; we're beginning of offer it on faculty/staff desktops with our machine rollout.

# posted by Jude Cooks

Oregon State has a Mozilla.org mirror. I'm not sure if they're advocating the browser anywhere else, but a mirror is a good start!



# posted by Joel Mama

Swarthmore College's IT department is hugely supportive of Firefox, they created an entire website to promote it (firefox dot swarthmore dot edu). It has a local mirror of the download, FAQs, and a forum for newbie questions which will only be responded to by friendly, knowledgeable members of the community (i.e. no flames).

# posted by Nelson

I'm not sure if this applies to all of Boston University, but I work in the administration office of the BU student union building, and one morning I came in to find Firefox installed on all office computers. I have since made it a point to keep the installations up to date. Even better, the recently installed public internet terminals in the student union are running Firefox on Linux. No one seems to have any trouble using it, and the terminals are ALWAYS packed.

# posted by Jonathan Dobres

At first my uni (Utrecht, Holland) had Firefox 0.7, then it had 0.9 and Thunderbird 0.8, and just recently I asked them to install the 1.0 versions of both products, which was no problem at all.

I think some other people can be a bit jealous of how smoothly such requests are handled by my university :).


# posted by Laurens Holst

A Student group at the University of Alberta held a day where you could bring in your computer and they would install open source software for you. It was day for the group to tell students about the advantages of open source software, and let students know there are alternatives to Microsoft.

# posted by Brendan Berg

Hi Folks:

I am in the process of trying to figure out how to use an internet radio station. Let me say that in the past I have been able to access this particular station when using Internet Explorer. The Internet Explorer I was using became corrupt and a real bother to use so rather than trying to re-load the entire windows Internet Exploroer I decided to try an alternate web browser namely Firefox 1.0.

When I first started with Firefox I believed that the change-over was seemless. I still really like Firefox but I have since discovered a glitch. That being I cannot get into the aforementioned radio station at this time. Instead, I get the following message "Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page"

What do I do? I have Windows ME and not XP - so far I have only been able to come up with XP related stuff.

Thank you for your assistance!!

# posted by Rich

As the IT head of the University of Maryland, Baltimore Countys Graduate School, I install thunderbird and firefox on all new office machines and full-heartedly promote thunderbird as the mailbox of choice as users have problems or change computers (often). In the past, the app of choice was mozilla suite and/or IE/outlook, but I am weaning them off of it. I didnt fully support firefox until 1.0 lately. Our department is about 50 office workers.

# posted by Nick Yeates

The Penn State ITS Department is pro-Mozilla

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don't you moderate these comments?!? or blacklist, or something! i mean really, its quite obnoxious.

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# posted by Mohamed Kouriane

After upgrading to WebCT CE 4.1 a number of our students and instructors experienced a variety of problems using IE. Several of the instructors and students had tried FireFox and reported that that using FireFox eliminated WebCT problems; with one exception. One student just reported the following error message; "WebCT has not been configured to run inside a frameset. Some components may not work correctly." This is the only reported problem with several hundred users.

Any suggestions?

T. Clift

# posted by T. Clift

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