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Firefox 1.0 is finally here. For those who have been following it's progress, it's been a long time coming. But your work is not done yet. Because it is now safe to recommend Firefox to non-geeks. Please do so. They need your help. Think of the children.

The Mozilla servers are currently getting hammered, but you can grab the installer in a few seconds using the torrents:

When you live on the west coast and stroll on into work at 10am, you usually miss these types of early morning announcements. I actually heard about it on the radio this morning. Then I hit the snooze button.

Oh yeah, check out the new default start page.

» posted by pinder on November 09, 2004 at 10:02 AM


The Google Firefox page is here:
Not there:

Notice the trailing slash... :-P

# posted by minghong

You can't include the slash at the end of the start page link -- it returns a 404 otherwise right now.

Incidentally, the default bookmarks have this problem too. I filed a bug for m.o to properly set up the redirect. (Search for start page in Firefox>Web Site to get it.)

# posted by Jeff Walden

Mid-air collision, it seems... ;-)

# posted by Jeff Walden

I live in germany and the words for advanced search are longer and also, messing up the lines that surrounds the form...

# posted by Josť Jeria

Very Very Very good, Firefox is my predefinited browser on windows and linux!

# posted by deon

Hi Folks:

I am in the process of trying to figure out how to use an internet radio station. Let me say that in the past I have been able to access this particular station when using Internet Explorer. The Internet Explorer I was using became corrupt and a real bother to use so rather than trying to re-load the entire windows Internet Exploroer I decided to try an alternate web browser namely Firefox 1.0.

When I first started with Firefox I believed that the change-over was seemless. I still really like Firefox but I have since discovered a glitch. That being I cannot get into the aforementioned radio station at this time. Instead, I get the following message "Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page"

What do I do? I have Windows ME and not XP - so far I have only been able to come up with XP related stuff.

Thank you for your assistance!!

# posted by Rich

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