August 27, 2003

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2 Candidate Build

Scott MacGregor has made the most recent Thunderbird nightly a 0.2 release candidate for reasons he has specified at MozillaZine:

Instead of calling this the August 26th weekly build, I'm going to call it a 0.2 candidate build so we can start focusing on 0.2 blockers [...]. Fortunately we had a great build last week so I think we are in much better shape going into 0.2 than we were way back in 0.1.

It's (greatly) reduced load time and various other feature enhancements/bug fixes definitely make it worth the download.

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August 26, 2003

Alternative Firebird Icon


The creator of the default Firebird themes has also created a nice Firebird icon. It's easier on the eyes than the current red blotch. The Mozilla Firebird site has instructions on how to change the window icon.

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August 11, 2003

Get your Mozilla Trucker Hat


Using the logo from the poster art recently created by some tech workers in Poland, ryan from has created a Cafeshop featuring the moz logo on everything from t-shirts to lunchboxes. he writes:

i thought this would be a great idea to start a cafepress shop to help bring money to the different mozilla projects. i call it mozilla activism. every profit that i make through this shop will be donated to various mozilla projects.

CafePress is kind of a rip off though, but you would be the coolest indie kid ever with a Mozilla trucker hat. Personally, I'd like to see officially doing something like this using all the great art Shepard Fairey created (including the logo on this site, which i blatantly ripped off from the Mozilla about page).

[link via]

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August 03, 2003

Request for Rich-Edit Movable Type Template in Gecko-Based Browsers

In the Movable Type support forum, Firebird developer Ben Goodger not only notes which features will be enabled in 0.7 (support for web panels and rich-text editing—both of which are actually available in the latest nightlies) but asked if anybody out in the XUL community wants to take on designing a Movable Type template based on a quick UI spec. Anil Dash, VP at Six Apart, which produces MT, has signaled that whoever designs it gets a link from the front page.

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