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The creator of the default Firebird themes has also created a nice Firebird icon. It's easier on the eyes than the current red blotch. The Mozilla Firebird site has instructions on how to change the window icon.

» posted by pinder on August 26, 2003 at 11:08 AM


Yup, I prefer this icon than the current firebird icon. Hope it gets adopted :)

# posted by Glutnix

I think the 'F' looks just plain silly. It reminds me of a Mac Donalds menu or a brand of cheap pink chewing gum. But worse: it doesn't stand out, nor in the Start menu nor the Quick launch... Nice try though.

# posted by Frederik

When I first saw it, it looked much more like a wing than an F, which I think is the point. I like it a lot better than the crummy fire icon, and I think it fits in better with the overall Windows XP theme more so than any other FB icons I've seen. I like it.

# posted by Ted Mielczarek

Actually I liked the ones that were able to be downloaded as extensions better.. But these are ok.

# posted by Fidel

Ack, what's with the globe? Just the F without the earth would be just fine.

# posted by jkottke

por fin se actualiza blogzilla.. que bueno estan estos nuevos iconos de firebird justo mas descentes. saludos

# posted by huguito

Hey I dig these icons, although I think the F on the document should be raised or lowered just a few pixels, since the current top edge of the F coincides with the paper fold and gives the icon a sort of double line which draws too much attention towards the fold of the document.

# posted by Bjørn

i agree - lose the globe and document, an "f" all by itself would suffice

# posted by paul

IMO, if you get rid of the globe, you should at least keep the sheet of paper. At least on Windows, the paper tells you that the icon is for a document, not the application itself.

# posted by Minh Nguyễn

Mozilla head + F could be nice as well

# posted by FB user

I prefer the one here.

# posted by scratch

This is by far the best icons i have seen for Firebird and Thunderbird.

Defenetly sweet..

# posted by deegan

The problem is that the small version of this icon looks terrible - therefore it's not viable.

# posted by Colin

this icon is great.
not only does it not look like a red pipe of poop, its imaginative.
the F looks like it's wings for the world.
wings.. bird.. wwweb browser.. globe.. i dunno..
it just makes sence.

# posted by Brian

The red flames icon is not professional, but this F wing icon is just not serious at all. I keep waiting for a good one.

# posted by Alvaro

I liked this one from the very moment I saw it. First I thought it's Ikaros' wings, only to later realise it's also F for Firebird. I like the globe too, since it's what IE also uses to symbolise the Internet. Moreover, I like the fact that this one is not aggressive as many FB icon designs seem to be.

# posted by Osku

Nope, I don't like it at all.
It looks like bad anime wings.
PS: the globe thing is way too cliche

# posted by gurugaga

these icons are an improvement!?

# posted by scott

They are great...
anyways, they are already the official icons in the latest Firebird nightly builds :D

# posted by el22

The Mozilla Dragon Head should be put on the Globe as a body and the paper with folds should be it's arms, legs and tail all the while the dragon breathes "F"'s like a stream of FyRe!!!!!


Make your own icons you damned whinly little bitches..

# posted by dude

Very well done - i like these alot and imho they should be adopted as the default icons since the ones that comes with firebird today sucks bigtime (the red/orange fire looks like something from the old X11/FVWM era).

Well done and keep the good work up!

You who complained that the document+F didn't look like an application icon - that icon IS for documents. The one with the globe = the application icon.

# posted by tobbe

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