Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2 Candidate Build

Scott MacGregor has made the most recent Thunderbird nightly a 0.2 release candidate for reasons he has specified at MozillaZine:

Instead of calling this the August 26th weekly build, I'm going to call it a 0.2 candidate build so we can start focusing on 0.2 blockers [...]. Fortunately we had a great build last week so I think we are in much better shape going into 0.2 than we were way back in 0.1.

It's (greatly) reduced load time and various other feature enhancements/bug fixes definitely make it worth the download.

» posted by jonathan on August 27, 2003 at 12:19 PM


chevere ahora thunderbird funciona con mucha mas estabilidad mas rapido va en buen camino

# posted by huguito

Slightly off-subject (sorry...)
Just installed Adblock 0.4, Development Build 30 on Mozilla 1.4 (Debian Linux Woody version found on
Tried it by blocking ads on NYTimes site. It works great, just like AdBlock for Firebird, and the beauty is, I didn't have to log into root. It installs to profile-chrome. What a pleasure to surf ad-free !

# posted by André P.

Mozilla Thunderbird Installer with latest and old builds available here:


The size of the latest build is ~5.5mb, much smaller than the original distribution.

Please note that this installer is unofficial.

# posted by nth10sd

Unfortunately doesn't seem to exist anymore. Is there any new location of thunderbird woody package?



# posted by Matej Cepl

sorry but i'm out of the business.

you can get one at

anyway by thunderbird 0.4/0.5 an official installer version should be out by then.

# posted by nth10sd

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