February 28, 2002

Where in the world is 0.9.9?

Does anyone know where the next Moz milestone is? Mozilla branched for it last week, and I had been following the "Where we are with Mozilla 0.9.9" messages posted in the newsgroup netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey for progress updates until this monday (Feb 25th).

Since then, nothing...no new status reports, no word on the new milestone release.

So, my question is, what has happened to Mozilla 0.9.9?

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February 27, 2002

soap scripts in mozilla

A followup link to a previous post: SOAP Scripts in Mozilla gives detailed documentation about SOAP and Mozilla.

From the test scripts page, I could only get the Is it a Prime Number? and Unscramble SOAP scripts running, using the latest nightly build (2002022603). I couldn't get the Headline News one to return anything. Mozillazine says that SOAP as part of the default builds has been completed, so I'm guessing the scripts are just broken.

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February 26, 2002

Movable Type and textarea

As long as we're still talking about Movable Type and Mozilla, I had some issues with the textarea elements on the Create New Entry and Edit Entries pages. The code has the attribute wrap="virtual" which Mozilla doesn't support because it's not in the HTML4/XHTML1 specs. Which means text wasn't wrapping. The solution is to add the cols attribute.

Searching around, I found this thread in the MT Support forums that details a quick fix and an explanation from Mena as to why it wasn't addressed.

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For you bloggers that use Mozilla, Mike Lee's Mozblog is a project to keep an eye on. Basically, it allows you to post to your blog via XML-RPC through a sidebar in Mozilla. The manual shows screenshots of how it works.

Linking is a little wonky. It doesn't allow HTML tags, so you have to drag and drop links. Another minor issue is once you've dragged a link over, the focus doesn't change to the bottombar. The manual and this bug indicates linking is being worked on though. I tested Mozblog in both Blogger and Movable Type, and linking seems to work a lot better in Blogger. See the previous post as an example of how links show up in Movable Type. If you view the source, you'll see that it converts < to &lt;. This might be an MT-related bug though since links shows up fine in Blogger.

Also, the Mozblog manual only lists settings for Blogger, so these are the settings I used to connect to Movable Type:

Username: <your MT username>
Password: <your MT password>
Blog ID: <your MT Blog ID> - this will probably be "1" or "2", check the value of "blog_id" in the querystring
Server URL: <your link to mt-xmlrpc.cgi file>, i.e. http://www.blah.com/mt/mt-xmlrpc.cgi
Appkey: 27927D1C57D2F831AE13A9A07099843A3CCA2DE0

Remember that usage of the XML-RPC API in MT requires your server have LWP::UserAgent and SOAP::Lite installed. Refer to the MT documentation for more info.

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this is a test post

this is a test post using <a href="http://mozblog.mozdev.org/index.html">Mozblog</a> to post to a <a href="http://www.movabletype.org">Movable Type</a> powered blog<br>

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February 25, 2002

mouse gestures

The Optimoz project brings Opera-style mouse gestures to Mozilla. [link via techno weenie]

This is a very useful feature, but I have to get used to it. It seems too easy to make an accidental gesture. The very first gesture i tried closed the window.

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Mozilla and Performance

One criticism I hear all the time about Mozilla it that "it's too slow"

Well yes, it is but it's gotten a heck of a lot better since I started running Mozilla M4!

For those of you who are interested in performance issues with Mozilla, here's a few good links for you

Mozilla DOM Status Update

Memory and Performance Team Task List

Mail Performance

XP Apps (Browser) Performance


Bugzilla DHTML performance tracking bug

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February 23, 2002

mozilla and blogger pro

I get the following message when viewing the Blogger Pro site in Mozilla:

Also: Before you read on and then get annoyed later, we notice you're using a browser other than IE. If you're not able to use Internet Explorer 5.x+ on Windows or Macintosh, Blogger Pro won't work for you yet. This is because we are building a new, more robust interface (which will support all newish mostly standards-compliant browsers), so we can't afford to invest in multiple versions of the interim interface. Sorry.

Unless you are on Unix or Linux, it should be free and easy for you to upgrade your browser (and you'll be glad you did).

IE an upgrade? Me thinks not. The regular Blogger seems to work fine in Moz, though it doesn't look as pretty.

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February 22, 2002

open programs in a new tab

Here's a little trick...open the following links in a new tab (middle-click/ctrl-click/right-click->open in new tab) on a recent build.


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February 21, 2002

SOAP - Coming to a mozilla browser near you

The Mozilla project is about to turn on one of it's most exciting new features inside of the default nightly build you download every day (right???).

Mozilla XML project page

It's SOAP, the buzzword of the last six months. Now this isn't some webservices, .net style hype about products that don't exist or business models that haven't been figured out.

This is a real boon to web developers.


Because the introduction of SOAP allows us to eliminate a lot of server side work.

As any web developer will tell you, the most dynamic part of any webpage is processing the business logic on the server side (be it in ASP, JSP, Perl, etc) and integrating it into the HTML that you see in your browser.

When it comes to hooking into a database to return a list of products or getting a stock quote, you need to get that information on the server and build it into your webpage.

Well, not anymore. With SOAP in you browser, you are simply making a RPC call using SOAP like you would to any COM, EJB or other component from your server side scripting.

The difference is that you're making the call from the browser from Javascript, dynamically updated your web page with Javascipt and DHTML and voila! You've cut out a huge chunk of code and integrated it into your webpage.

This is going to allow web developers to do some really cool things in their webpages.

For example, take a Hotmail style application. How nice would it be to type an LDAP address into Hotmail and have it bring back a list of contacts without reloading the page?

This should be fun...

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Combo XPI package

I've bundled a few of the XPIs that I use most often into one installation package.

It includes:

QlookupNov 26, 2001
Google Toolbar0.4.1 RC
grayrest's icon packJan 21, 2002

Download combo.xpi

After downloading the XPI, open up Mozilla and click File -> Open File, select the XPI. It'll ask you if you want to install it, click Install to do the installation.

You will have to restart Mozilla afterwards, if you're using QuickLaunch, shut that down also. When you restart Mozilla, everything should be installed.

I'm still working on the automatic installtion, I'll add the link when I have that fixed.

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February 20, 2002

full screen and print preview

Today's build includes a much nicer Print Preview, take a look

Another new function is Full Screen mode. It's in the View menu, or just hit F11

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middle click

Though this feature may have existed before, as of Build 2002012304, clicking a link with the mouse button in Windows opens the link in a new tab. Or the other handy trick is to "ctrl-click" on a link.

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I can send clearly now (in mail)

Yes, it's here. Control-Enter works for sending mail under windows! Woohoo! My life is complete.

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February 19, 2002

Calendar XPI for Mozilla

You linux users have had one for a while, but for us windows users, an XPI is available for the Mozilla Calendar. No more building from the source code for me!

It's a little underwhelming right now, but it's a start. This won't be part of a nightly mozilla build until after 1.0 from what I've read, so don't be expecting anything too soon.

ps. The company that contributed the code, oeone, is producing a linux-based, mozilla front end terminal.

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Google bar

Ok, I admit it. I still use IE occassionally. Why? Well for the google bar of course.

Google has still not written a Google bar for Mozilla, and while they do have a page for workarounds, it's still not the same.

However, some clever people have a mozdev project that adds a pretty functional Google bar to mozilla. Check it out.

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Icons support in Mozilla

Are you a mozilla mail user you who, like me cannot tell the difference between a browser window and a mail window in the taskbar? Need help?

If so, check out this usenet message on how to add icons to mozilla.

Note: Mozilla still does not include support for icons in their nightly builds. Why? I dunno.

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Welcome to blogzilla. It's all mozilla news all the time. Enjoy! Read more on the about page

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