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The Optimoz project brings Opera-style mouse gestures to Mozilla. [link via techno weenie]

This is a very useful feature, but I have to get used to it. It seems too easy to make an accidental gesture. The very first gesture i tried closed the window.

» posted by pinder on February 25, 2002 at 12:16 PM


Preventing inadvertant triggering of gestures is a top priority. We've got some clear changes to prevent this coming soon.

# posted by AndyEd

For some reason, when I set the gestures to work with any button but the left mouse button, it still only works with the left mouse button. That's why I keep accidentally closing windows....

# posted by rick

I love mouse gestures! I think they are the best feature of Opera. I would love to have them in Mozilla too.

# posted by mike

i can't open the advance option in the preference with the mouse gestures installed. now i can't remove it.

# posted by jim

mouse gestures are really useful, after i got used to it i couldnt stop using them. one feature i would like to see addded is the ability to turn some gestures off - and the ability to assign my own, of course.

# posted by thomas

If you're a windows user and would like to use Mozilla (and Opera)-like gestures for all your windows applications go to and download Flipper. Flipper is a free program that adds support for the most useful mouse gestures to *all* windows programs. (Be sure to disable Mozilla or Opera gestures before using Flipper with them.)

# posted by Benji

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