Thunderbird News & Blogs Virtual Memory Leak

I really like the News & Blogs RSS aggregation feature in Thunderbird. Particularly how it loads the webpage instead of just the article summary. However, I think there may be a virtual memory leak. I have about 30 feeds that check for updates every 60 minutes. If I leave Thunderbird running for a few days, particularly over the weekend, the memory and virtual memory usage keeps adding up:


I've even had a few "Out of Virtual Memory" Windows errors. I've had this error in Thunderbird 0.8 and the Oct 21st nightly. And on both my home (XP) and work (W2K Server) machines.

Anyone else have the same issue? Is there a bug for this? I'll ask here since Bugzilla search is pretty much useless.

» posted by pinder on October 26, 2004 at 09:42 AM


This is a known issue and a pain in the rear. I assume they're working on it, but I haven't seen it addressed in the nightlies lately. I believe it's part of why we haven't seen 0.9 yet.

# posted by HardinComp

Was fixed on the nightly for the 25th

# posted by Scott M

I think I'm getting the same thing... I've been using Thunderbird's RSS reading capabilities since 0.8 came out... Thunderbird's VM Size is at 579,816... That can't be right...

It's a great feature though, and very well done... I only wish it would notify you in the bottom corner of the screen when a feed is updated, much like the notification that you receive with new emails...

Great blog by the way, this is my first time commenting...

# posted by Jonic

Would be nice to fix such memory leaks in Firefox, too. Because after a visit to an image gallery you have to restart it, othervise it grows up the same as Thunderbird in this image.

# posted by CooLynX

using the nightly for the 26th and it's been fixed. woohoo! Thanks Scott

i'm glad there isn't a notification alerts for RSS feeds. it would get too annoying. i've already got enough email and instant message alerts.

# posted by pinder

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