New Thunderbird Feature: Message Grouping

The Outlook-ification of Thunderbird continues with Bug 263255 - Improve thread pane UI for message grouping in for 0.9. Here's a screenshot from the bug:


I don't mind since I liked that feature in Outlook. I'm not sure if it's in the nightly builds yet though since I can't find where to turn it on. Maybe it hasn't been turned on yet.

» posted by pinder on October 21, 2004 at 10:12 AM


Change your sort to 'subject' and select "Group by Sort" on the view menu (or press G)

# posted by David Gibbs

Oh, my God, it starting to look like Outlook!
I will pay if anyone is willing to develop a clone of Business Contact Manager which is part of Outlook 2003 business edition. Contact me if you are interested. Of course it will be an open source product.

# posted by Hem Ramachandran

I want something like Outlook's Desktop Alerts... if I had more time I'd investigate writing it myself, but alas.

(no, the current "you have new mail" is not good enough, I want one like Outlook's which has name/subject/etc)

# posted by jcurbo

Thanks David, got it working now. Some issues so far:

- Grouping is only on Subject folder. Looks weird if you like having Sender as the first column instead of Subject

- Select a message in Inbox, expand a few other groups, select a different folder, then go back to Inbox, all groups are collapsed except the one you selected the message in

- when Sort by Threaded view, "Group by Sort" is grayed out or doesn't work until you sort by something else like Date

- Group by Sort - Descending shows "Today", and "Yesterday" groups, but the emails in the group are sorted Ascending, oldest at top with newest at bottom.

Still! It makes for a much cleaner inbox.

# posted by pinder

Nice, but it's slow as molasses on my largest folder. I have about 5000 messages in one large folder. If Group By is turned on when I switch to that folder, the program freezes with CPU pegged for at least 20 seconds before displaying the messages.

It seems strange because my second-largest folder (2500 messages) displays instantly.

# posted by Chris

it would be cooooooool with POPFile

# posted by fishy

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