Splash Screens for the Mozilla Proletariat

Some Russian Splashes for Mozilla for you comrades.

Finally those capitalist pigs will pay for their crimes, eh? eh comrade? Oh, I mean yay capitalism!

» posted by pinder on June 25, 2003 at 11:15 AM


a Joseph Stalin splash screen? oh dear.

# posted by jacob

great! =)

# posted by Moe

Heh, those splashes are funny but this one is still my favorite ;-)

# posted by Raf

Should I post an update there? I think yeah.

# posted by Mithgol the Webmaster

i wonder where you got the idea for russian splash screens,
was it here: http://www.deskmod.com/core.mod?show=showskin&skin_id=13592
or here:
or here:

# posted by gaasbyte

What do you mean - where I got the idea? I am 100% Russian myself.

Anyway, it doesn't matter now. My website's previously paid bandwidth limit exceeded already. Hell it was 600 Mb per month, but the site was overcrowded by thousands, and it took 30 hours to use it totally. I'm impressed. Should I think of collecting donations or somewhat like this, I don't know yet...

# posted by Mithgol the Webmaster

неудачная отговорка

# posted by gaasbyte

Ни хрена себе неудачная. А ты сам попробуй такую-то ораву окормить мегабайтными изображениями Сталина.

# posted by Mithgol the Webmaster

Tu padre, por si acaso.

Your father is the one whose characteristics are more appropiated to what you said (just in case).

# posted by a.c.

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