Roaming Support, Coming to a Browser Near You?

Every now and again I look/search for a roaming support implementation. One that would allow bookmarks and other user preference files to be stored at a centralized location, capable of being pulled down on another computer (with Firebird, of course).

Today, I found something that seems to offer exactly what I've been looking for: bug 124029. There are patches already available and it seems there is a strong push to have them put onto the Mozilla trunk. I do believe, however, that such a patch shouldn't be implemented directly onto Firebird. This would serve nicely as an extension.

I've been aware of Will Sargent's Bookie, which was mentioned earlier, but decided not to go that route because of the complexity of setup. Other options — that I've most likely missed — are more than welcome to be addressed here.

» posted by jonathan on June 26, 2003 at 09:19 AM


Wow, someone who actually suggests something as an extension instead of the core. Thanks!

# posted by alanjstr

No problem. I'm not looking for Firebird to become bloatware. :)

# posted by Jonathan

Something I've been using for a while to manage my bookmarks across several browsers is

This is a centralised place to keep and organise your bookmarks and best of all, it's free. It works with pretty much any browser out there including Mozilla and Firebird.

# posted by Glen

How about Roaming Password & PKI Certificates.
It would be nice to have a mozilla project that
supports Authetication on a USB Key Fob with
128-bit AES Encryption i.e.

# posted by RomanCAT

Problem with external bookmark stores like is that there is no easy way to open an link in a new tab. Usually they open new windows.

Has anyone managed to get tabs working with

# posted by Petri Sirkkala

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