This is a Call for Thunderbird Extensions

Theme support was added to Mozilla Thunderbird last week, and now the latest builds support extensions.

The Extensions page on the Mozilla Thunderbird site lists some ideas for extensions people have submitted and information on how to write an extension. The first official extension adds offline support.

So if there is something you'd really like to see in Thunderbird, write an extension! Or do what I just did and write an entry on your blog asking others to write extension for you (hint: tagzilla for thunderbird!) :)

This MozillaZine thread has more ideas listed for Thunderbird extensions.

Actually, if I ever have the time, I've always wanted to write something that can export Mozilla address book entries directly to vcard so I could sync them on my iPod instead of having to go through Outlook.

» posted by pinder on June 18, 2003 at 11:14 AM


An LDAP write extension would be heaven.

# posted by dusty lists at least 5 extensions

[ at last count 3 are by me : ) ]

# posted by Chris Neale

A Hotmail checking extension would be nice. I know of a couple of programs that check web-based email (e.g. Hotmail Popper). Most, if not all, run in in the background even when my mail client isn't even open.

# posted by Jonathan

A calendar would be great - or a plugin to hook to the Yahoo calendar somehow...

# posted by Melonie Brown

An extension that blinks the scroll-lock light when you have new mail would be an absolute dream. I mean it really doesn't do anything else the rest of the time anyways ... except for those power Excel users.

# posted by Dev

Actual documentation on how to go about writing extensions would be superb ;)

# posted by Brian Duff

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