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Scott writes:

I think Mozilla would be perfect if I could make it save my preference to the web instead of my desktop, whether by ftp or other mechanism. Simplest version would be having my bookmarks accesable from any machine with mozilla once I log in.

It would be nice having your bookmarks at work synced with your bookmarks at home. It would be nice having this feature built into Mozilla, but probably highly unlikely it will ever happen. However, Will Sargent's Bookie project might be what you're looking for:

Bookie is an application which keeps all your bookmarks on a central server so that you can access bookmarks from anywhere on the web.

I haven't tried it myself yet, but it looks promising.

» posted by pinder on August 17, 2002 at 05:05 PM


I wonder if it has any improt/export feature to sync between the bookmarks between the local computer and the server...

# posted by cheeaun

This is partly taken care by bug 158964. The problem should in fact be better solved by the complete roaming profile in bug 124029.

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is what I use

# posted by me

"but probably highly unlikely it will ever happen"
Where have you been ? :) There's been work done on roaming profiles for a while, it'll just take some more weeks or months before this is ready for release, but it will happen eventually ;)

# posted by michel v

i of course blame everyone except me! i was using the wrong keywords while searching through bugzilla. i would have never guessed to search "roaming profile" :) thanks for the correction and the bug links.

# posted by pinder

I can't blame you, I wouldn't know the word for this feature was 'roaming' either, if I wasn't a frequent reader of the mozillazine forums.
And if it wasn't for my embarassing lack of bug filing skills, I would have submitted yet another duplicate for this bug ;)

# posted by michel v

I just quit my job so I could spend more time working on Bookie.

Anyone have any problems with it, let me know. :-)

# posted by Will Sargent

Bug 17048 [RFE] Roaming access - keep bookmarks/cookies/history/etc in a central repository

Bug 18043 [RFE] Allow bookmarks to reside remotely on an arbitrary user-defined host

Bug 72413 permit remote HTTP/FTP URLS for bookmarks datasources

Here's hoping this blog software auto converts urls to links.

# posted by Phillip

Phillip, this blog uses HTML for links, etc., so here are the linked links:

Bug 17048
Bug 18043
Bug 72413

 — MXN

# posted by Minh Nguyễn

I use bookmarks.yahoo.com and it's particularly nice with Yahoo Companion under IE... I've got a nice dropdown menu of my bookmarks automatically sync'd whereever I use IE.

However, this doesn't work on Mozilla. I've tried using Yahoo's "export bookmarks" functionality, but Mozilla doesn't import that cleanly.

Using bookmarks.yahoo.com's static page is a little clunky with mozilla.

Anybody come up with a reasonable substitute yet?

# posted by Doug

p.s. I've tried Bookie and it's pretty clunkie, too.

# posted by Doug

I just wish the Mozilla guys would implement RA exactly like it was under Netscape. I need something that retains my certificates, bookmarks, history, etc... everything that NS stores... and so far the Mozilla guy working on this has spent more time arguing with people, and planning out new features and storage mechanisms than actually just working to replicate what was missing. Sigh...

# posted by Bryan

I *had* been using SyncIT.com for well over 2 years now with great success - problem is that it's a Windows app, and SyncIT *still* only syncs with IE and Netscape 4.

Bookie gets it right for being a Java app, at least. Those folks at SyncIT have been *totally* unresponsive in the pursuit of a Mozilla/NS7-happy update. Screw 'em. I'll find another way to sync with Bookie and the like.

# posted by Fred Snertz

I installed SyncIt on my Windows ME desktop and my Windows XP Pro laptop, both have the same problem. SyncIt claims to Import your AOL Favorites to Internet Explorer. All it imports is the name of the website but NOT the associated website address! So when you try to access an imported AOL Favorite thru IE or even thru their website all I get is error messages because of the bogus address SyncIt assigns to each of my AOL Favorites. Also they refuse to answer my e-mails or my phone calls so I requested a refund. Adios SyncIt!!

# posted by Bruce

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