Pop-up advertising is NOT a fact of life

MSNBC: FTC disables pop-up ad firm

"Pop-up advertising is a fact of life," said Howard Beales, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Uhh, no it's not. Use Mozilla. I haven't seen a pop-up in years.

» posted by pinder on November 06, 2003 at 04:36 PM


The FTC went after someone using Windows Messenger, not web pop ups. Misconfigured computers are a fact of life.

# posted by alanjstr

The way I understood the article was that pop-up advertising in general was a fact of life, however, Windows Messenger 'pop-ups' were going one step further and should not be tolerated.

Of course to someone who disabled messenger as soon as these annoyances started and uses Linux half the time anyway, and uses Mozilla exclusively to browse the web on any platform - pop ups aren't a fact of life.

IE users don't surf the web they suffer it (ripped off someones quote about Firebird)

# posted by Dave

FTC will be pretty much forced to change its mind. Apparently IE 6.05, which will be bundled with XP SP2, will feature pop-up blocking.
I just love Redmond innovation... ;-)

# posted by RafG

Em they aren't talking about the pop-ups Firebird stops, they are talking about the one's using MS net send program

# posted by Dave

Perhaps someone should tone down the sarcasm and actually READ the story, rather than just head into a straight up "witty, open-source, geeky, coffee-house sarcastic comment".

# posted by Doh

perhaps someone should have the guts to post their real name, rather than post an inane comment.

I understand the article was about Windows messenger popups and not about pop-ups that Firebird blocks. My issue was with the "pop-ups are a way of life" remark. I don't think he meant "windows messenger popups" are a way of life, he meant all pop-ups.

# posted by pinder

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