Official Mozilla Firebird Installer Now Available (for Windows)

Only a short while ago we discussed, here at Blogzilla, unofficial Mozilla Firebird/Thunderbird installers. Just today, MozillaZine revealed that an Official Firebird installer for the Windows platform is now available for download.

Much thanks and credit to Ben Goodger and the Firebird team for their continued dedication to the project.

Update: The installer now needs testing.

» posted by jonathan on November 07, 2003 at 08:50 AM


I personally find it more convenient to unzip than to install, but hey, choice is always a good thing. One less stumbling block for newbies.

# posted by MikeyC's always nice on a windows machine to be able to install/uninstall an application to it's own directory. You know for sure that the application isn't screwing around with your system directory (overwriting dll's etc).

# posted by Funky

I hope they'll keep the unzip option, along with the installer.

(With the unzip option we can generate our own installers, run Firebird directly from a CD, etc)

# posted by asdf

no reasong why you couldn't still run from a cd even if there is an installer, it's not liek there will now be a ton of registry entries.

I think having an installer will make it easier for me to convince people I know to switch.

# posted by scott

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