NewsMonster 1.2.2 Released, Now Free!

NewsMonster is truly the Swiss-Army Knife of feed/news aggregators. This browser-enhancing extension doesn't only gather RSS feeds, but can also analyze and digest those sites which don't even offer feeds. Complete feature breakdown.

Kevin Burton, the software's "Project Founder and Primary Developer," revealed yesterday that the latest PRO release of NewsMonster (1.2.2 final) is now both free and available online.

From Kevin's website,, an explanation as to why NewsMonster PRO has gone from fee to free:

This was a long and hard decision but it seems to make sense considering that my major goal with this release was to build a distributed reputation system and very advanced RSS aggregator. Since most of these features were locked up in NewsMonster PRO this kind of defeated the whole purpose.

I'm hopeful that more people will take advantage of this and help build up the reputation system.

Hear, hear! Now get to the getting.

» posted by jonathan on October 24, 2003 at 09:03 AM


is it easy to uninstall now? i remember i had a hell of a time trying to uninstall the first release.

# posted by pinder

Not really sure as I've yet to uninstall.

# posted by Jonathan

A small nitpick: his name is Kevin Burton, not Kevin Founder.

# posted by steve jenson

Thanks for pointing that out, steve. Appears pinder has already corrected my goof.

# posted by Jonathan

didn't seem to work on Mozilla 1.4 ? the configuration wizard never started for me.

# posted by RichardD

Richard, do you have Java 1.4 or greater?

# posted by Jonathan

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