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Steven Garrity of Acts of Volition has written a short and elegant article called Branding Mozilla: Towards Mozilla 2.0. Steven takes a look at the current branding and visual identity of the Mozilla Foundationís product and project line and makes recommendations on how to create a unified and consistent brand and visual identity.

From his weblog post about the article, Steven gives the "10-second version" of the article:

"The Mozilla Project should adopt a simple, strong, consistent visual identity for the Mozilla products including consistent icons across applications that mesh with the host operating system."

The entire article is worth a read. Steven is great at writing these types of articles. I loved his posts about Windows XP, Winamp 3, and MSN Messenger 5.0.

I couldn't agree more with almost all the points Steven makes. But about the lizard, he writes, "The Mozilla lizard is widely recognized by developers and early-adopters on the web, but does not reach far beyond these groups.". While I do agree to his point, I don't think it should be dropped entirely. It could still have a place as a secondary branding image.

Steven is dead on about the current dispare collection of Mozilla icons. I recently started using OS X and was amazed to see an entirely new set of Mozilla icons that I hadn't seen before. There is no consistency. Thats why I like Steven's proposal of the creation of a Mozilla Branding and Visual Identity group that will be in charge of the brand and visual identity of the Mozilla products. Especially since many of the developers and volunteers are spread out across the globe, and the fact that many of the developers are volunteers.

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Steven's piece is bang-on, and should (and hopefully will) be used as a starting point for a re-branding effort.

I'd have written it myself if my thoughts on the issue were half as coherent as his.

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Ok, I am confront you

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