New Orbit Theme

preview-morbit-92x89.pngJeremy writes in to tell us that our favourite theme, Orbit has been updated. The update now includes a button for the new tab button.

Take a look at Orbit 3m as well. It's the same as Orbit, except with smaller buttons, giving you more screen real estate.

» posted by pinder on July 24, 2002 at 12:51 PM


I believe Chimera is more... important that this version of the modern theme with yellow buttons and icons

# posted by Lancer

hey, it's not your website.

# posted by tad

This Orbit 3m rockz! Finally a theme that adds space and looks good :)

# posted by rw

Only thing I don't like about the new orbit is in fullscreen mode the little down arrow that lets you go back into history is too close to the main back button. Other than that it sure beats the IE interface hands down.

# posted by Jeremy

One of the better themes around at the moment.

# posted by Jon

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