Mozilla Browser Share has Browser Statistics report showing Mozilla's browser share going from 8.2% in January to 14.9% in August. But then again, those statistics are "extracted from W3Schools' log-files".

Back in July, WebSideStory, a San Diego Web metrics company reported that Mozilla and Netscape's combined market share increased from 3.21% to 4.05%.

According to my server's log-files, Mozilla's market share is hovering at about 70%. Alert the press!

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» posted by pinder on September 04, 2004 at 05:19 PM


The statistics from W3Schools are the most important ones for Mozilla these are the users which will design website in the future, and the more standard using sites are out there the more market share will Mozilla gaine.

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My Geck Stats at
says around 40%, but my site is also very Mozilla dedicated

# posted by Henrik Gemal

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