Not All Sales and Marketing People Have a Black Heart Right?

One of the Google insiders to strike it rich with the IPO was Omid Kordestani. He's Google's senior vice president of worldwide sales and was formally an executive at Netscape Communications.

According to the article, Kordestani made $20,444,710 on the Google IPO and retains a stake worth $388,449,490.

Hey Omid, if you have any fondness left for what remains of your former company's browser, the Mozilla Foundation is accepting donations!

Jul 2003 Time Magazine profile of Omid Kordestani

» posted by pinder on September 02, 2004 at 10:48 AM


maybe we can get google to put a promotional button for FF/TB in googles front page.

# posted by kwanbis

cara.. mto doido o novo vizual do sitio

# posted by bernardo

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