No More NT Auth on Intranets

A bug that has long been a pain in the ass to web developers and corporate intranet users alike, Bug 231529 - Optionally enable unprompted NTLM authentication has been fixed! That means that if you try accessing a local webserver, Mozilla won't prompt you for your NT username and password. This is a great fix, since it's issues like this that can prevent deployment of Firefox in corporate environments.

The fix will be in for 1.0, which should be out next month according to the Firefox 1.0 Roadmap.

[via Mozings]

» posted by pinder on September 06, 2004 at 10:03 PM


Since this went into aviary branch on 8-25, I think that it will be in the 1.0 PR as well (which is expected this week).

# posted by Racer

maybe the title should be "No More NT Auth Prompts on Intranets", as it is, it sounds like we just lost NT Auth :P

# posted by basic

hehe, you're right basic, but the setup I have in MT, it bases the filename of the post on the title. so if i change the title, the filename will change and then trackbacks and rss feed links and such won't work.

# posted by pinder

If you'll pardon the evangalism, next time you're shopping for blog software, I would make note that WP lets you edit the slug seperately from the post title. ;)


# posted by Danny Howard

WordPress wasn't around when i started this site in Feb 2002. :) i've been meaning to try it out though.

# posted by pinder

I've converted to WP from MT without trouble. The good thing is that you can convert anytime, and even make a test convertion. You install a test WP install and import from MT in it. THen you test it as much as you want, maybe with a friend or two. When you're happy, prevent people from blogging into your MT blog, make your conversion, and hop...

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