Luna Blue Theme for Mozilla Thunderbird

Steven Garrity has posted a very nice Luna Blue Theme for Mozilla Thunderbird on his site Acts of Volition. As mentioned in the post, the theme borrows heavily from the Chris Cook's Luna theme.

It's still marked as "Development Version", but about the only thing I've noticed is that isn't implemented is "small icons" in the Customize window.

Another feature I'd like to see, which is implemented in the previously mentioned modified Qute theme, is that the message icons have forwarded and replied indicators, so that you can hide Status column:

» posted by pinder on September 21, 2003 at 05:40 PM


Thanks - I'll try to get the forward/replied icons in there. I miss that too.

# posted by Steven Garrity

Nice theme, looks really good next to firebird now.

The only problems that I can see are the missing icons for the Secure IMAP server and all the newsgroup/newsserver icons.

# posted by jeffp

I've been using Firebird for a couple of days and was wondering about some stuff, this information is probably somewhere on the mozilla website but I'll ask here anyway...sorry.

What is the difference, and reasons for this difference, between Mozilla, Firebird and Thunderbird?

I'm using Firebird and am being encouraged to use the latest nightly build or the latest milestone. Whats the difference here and what do they do?

Thanks a lot.

# posted by Jared

I wasn't really clear in my last comment, I understand that Mozilla and Firebird are web browsers but I was wondering why they are seperate and who develops them, and why, when Mozilla comes with an email client, Thunderbird has been developed. Thanks.

# posted by Jared

Wow...tried out the Luna Blue theme in my thunderbird installation (Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2 (20030901)) and get a text-only interface. Very strange!

# posted by Owen


The Mozilla suite is the original project. Firebird is an offshoot to create a stand-alone browser. Thunderbird is a similar offshoot to create a stand-alone mail client. The Mozilla suite is currently's main project, but it is being phased out in favor of the two stand-alone applications (many people only need one or the other, and many many people have complained loudly and publicly about the mozilla suite being an all-in-one product).

Firebird and Thunderbird are still under heavy development, so they assume that anyone using the product at this stage is willing to be a tester, hence the encouragement about latest nightlies. The latest nightly builds are the bleeding edge of development. Sometimes they have great new features or bug fixes, sometimes they introduce new bugs (often both). Look on the firebird build forum at ("Fb" link in the top bar) for information about recent builds.

-Joshua >

# posted by Joshua

Luna for FB has been removed from FBH because I don't want to deal with possible copyright infringement.

# posted by alanjstr

hmmm, looks like all themes have been removed from the Firebird home page

# posted by pinder

Why-oh-why? Why do people want to make these great products look like a Micro$oft program????? Mozilla Firebird and Thunderbird are something different, and _*much*_ better browser/mail client than M$'s alternatives. So I could not see any reasons for why people would like these superb products look like that Micro$oft crap???

# posted by Håvar I. Henriksen

This makes me sad. The Luna theme was really the only one that looked good to me. Not because of the Icons but the color scheme and widgets. The rest of the themes still want to make my XP GUI look like CDE or worse! I wish Luna would come back :(. Until then I'm lost...

# posted by crunnluadh

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