Since blogs are all about hearsay and conjecture, I heard that the domain is being worked on by like real web designers. It doesn't point to anything right now, and I don't know much else. Maybe it will be a new, more consistent design for Or maybe a new site for the Mozilla Foundation? Anybody know anything else?

» posted by pinder on September 24, 2003 at 02:31 PM


I seem to remember mention of a "marketing site" somehwere (that's a psuedo-quote - not a real quote, btw). I imagine that would mean a site to promote the end-user products, rather than all of the organization and developer stuff?

This is just hearsay and conjecture too though.

# posted by Steven Garrity

Last I heard, it will just redirect to There was a plan to make a site for end-users with links to the latest stable builds etc. without any of this confusing developer stuff but I believe the current strategy is just to have both developer and end-user stuff on

# posted by Alex Bishop

Believe it or not, is not going to be used 'for tax reasons'. This is, apparently, after a long session with a tax lawyer discussinjg the requirements for to become a registered charity. It sounds like an insane restriction to me, but maybe that's why I'm not a tax lawyer. Anyway, I'm still holding out for an end user site at and all the developer stuff being subdomained to I think this is pretty unlikely, but as far as I can tell it's the best way to get the clear seperation that is required between the two types of content.

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BD's comments at moz-marketing archives.

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