Mozilla Coffee (Benefiting the Mozilla Foundation)

Just bought a bag of Enviro Lizard Mozilla Coffee from RJ Tarpley's Coffee Company. One half of all proceeds from my purchase will go to The Mozilla Foundation. Folks, take up on Tarpley's offer to support the future of Mozilla and get some coffee, as well.

Details from the site:

Simply choose a selection from [Mozilla Coffee] and your order will benefit The Mozilla Foundation. You are welcome to browse the rest of the site and purchase any of RJ Tarpley's fine selections. Just put a note in the comments section that you wish your order to benefit The Mozilla Foundation. Thanks again for your support.
» posted by jonathan on September 20, 2003 at 03:45 PM


Whew, this is a nice one. I really would like to buy some of those, but unfortunately they don't ship to Europe :(( Nevertheless, a beautiful idea to donate like this!

# posted by Friedhelm Hasematzel

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