Joel on XUL

Joel Splosky still thinks Netscape was stupid, but he really likes XUL.

» posted by pinder on October 21, 2002 at 02:03 PM


Netscape may have thrown it all away, but they were loosing already. Giving the farm away to the mozilla project is easily one of the best moves they could have made - and the mozilla team to have "done the right thing" (tm) is just plain incredible. Kudos! So what if it took a few years - sometime good things take a bit of time.

# posted by Bruce

I agree with Joel on what he is saying about how Netscape should have redone the browser. But well, that's in the past and we can't get the time back. Makes for good reading if you are in a software project and are thinking of re-writing from scratch!

# posted by Manoj

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