Small Screen Rendering in Mozilla

Daniel Glazman proves that Opera's new Small Screen Rendering feature, which does a client-side transformtion of a website to fit into a 176px Nokia cellphone screen, isn't all that magical by posting a simple DOM compliant implementation of it in Mozilla.

Well, there is one difference between what Opera does and what Mozilla could do. We could do it much better.
» posted by pinder on October 21, 2002 at 08:13 PM


"Done.... You want to give it a try ? No problem. I mean no problem if you use a browser of quality, having a correct DOM implementation and allowing to bookmark JS. In other words, please use Mozilla or Netscape 7..."

Really? Funny how all the sites I tried in NS7 and Moz1.1 all came up totally blank, other than a few bits of color here and there.

I also managed to make Mozilla crash when using this on, and then clicking on a link. Owch.

# posted by Tom

One difference? Assuming you have mobile phone with the power of a desktop PC maybe......otherwise I'd have thought the chance of Mozilla doing it better are fairly slim.

# posted by paulm

"Well, there is one difference between what Opera does and what Mozilla could do. We could do it much better."

This one made my day. It's like hearing someone saying that the Mozilla browser beats Opera 6; not in a million years...

# posted by Konstantinos

Please, don't begin browser bashing. Whether you personally consider opera or mozilla the better browser isn't important.

# posted by Liorean

"Don't begin browser bashing" - I'll second that. It's just that Daniel Glazman sounded incredibly arrogant.

# posted by Konstantinos

Funny how he uses a Mozilla proprietary property to figure out the size of the images :-)

# posted by erik

The original bookmarklet you guys are ranting about is now superseded by a CSS-only solution. The stylesheet contains only CSS2 properties and values and does exactly what did the bookmarklet. No proprietary stuff inside.

About my supposed arrogance. Well, given the fact I received a private mail from Opera confirming they do what I do to implement their Small Screen Rendering, and given the fact Mozilla's dynamic CSS and DOM supports are soooo above Opera's, given the fact CSS OM support in Opera 7 will be (quote)minimal(end quote)... Anyway.

# posted by Daniel Glazman

'my browser is better than your browser'...

sounds like 'someone' can't handle the fact that a smaller, faster more standards-compliant browser is available. i used to love mozilla but with this kind of nonsense and with other browsers overtaking mozilla, it's time to move on...

# posted by blah

is mozilla running on a cellphone or handheld?
or this is just a imitation?
opera does...

Well, there is one difference between what Opera does and what Mozilla could do. "Opera" could do it much better. Because its running on real world!

# posted by zaga

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